The Voice for Real Estate in Northeast Tennessee

Real estate is  critical part of a community's economy and one of NETAR goal is to be the Voice for Real Estate in Northeast Tennessee. The Association's communications efforts are focused on being a reliable source of local housing market information and stories on the activities of its members in their many and varied roles in the community.  That effort includes: 

- A weekly Association President's column that capsules local market conditions and issues related to the Association and its members.

- A monthly Housing Market Trends Report that details home sales and prices for the regional, county and major city markets in the 11-county region. 

- A monthly Market Pluse that's a more extensive tracking of local market conditions year-to-date for the past 13 months.

- A monthly Pending Home Sales Report that's filed in the Trends folder.

- A monthly update of local market analytics that charts year-over-year and year-to-date existing home sales and prices on the city and county market levels. The market share of existing homes sales benchmarked on the city and county markets level. 

- Reports on members' and Association activities and projects as they occur.

Those reports are available with this page's sidebar links.