Why you need a Realtor®

You've finally made the decision.

The kids are in college. The nest is empty and you're in home that too large for your needs.

Or, you're weary of the renting scene and want something you can call your own.

We know you can shop what's available and for how much on a multitude of web sites. We're aware there are all kinds of apps and sites that will help you with pre-qualifying for a mortgage loan and figuring out how much home you can afford.

The web is full of information. Much of it good, and a lot of it not-so-good.

We know you're capable of doing this real estate thing on you own.

But we also know you shouldn't.

Real estate decisions are some of the biggest financial decisions individuals or a family make and there a long history of why you need a Realtor®.

If you buying, you'll get a better deal with a lot fewer headaches. And sellers consistently realize a better deal than those you take the do-it-yourself route.

Check out six of the primary reasons you need a Realtor® from our colleagues at Realtor.com.